SISU Mouthguards

SISU have put each mouthguard through strenuous testing to see how it performs in relation to its competitors. When compared to a conventional mouthguard with greater thickness, both the SISU Aero and SISU Max absorb significantly greater impact forces, better protecting your teeth from damage.



Less transfer of impact forces to teeth means better protection against dental injury.  Tensile strength describes the maximum stress the material can sustain before failure. The range of tensile strength of SISU material* is at least 30% higher when compared to EVA** which is used in most OTC mouthguards.


Storage modulus is a very important parameter for mouthguards because it is a measure of how much impact energy can be elastically stored in the material. The SISU material with a storage modulus of 450 MPa, has the capacity to dissipate 10 times more energy in the form of rebound energy than EVA, with a storage modulus of 40 MPa.



SISU® is made from a non-compressible, perforated material and doesn't cave in under impact like conventional mouthguards. Using one-of-a-kind Diffusix™ technology, the impact force is distributed over larger areas, which means less risk of dental injury during competition.



Just like a bridge is built in compartments that can move slightly, the perforations in SISU mouth guards oscillate under impact and absorb impact forces. Energy is directed away from the teeth, and into the specially designed crumple zones.



Custom Fit: Vacuum-like suction allows you to create that custom fit so unique to your mouth, the guard stays snugly on your teeth during the entire game or practice.

Talk. Breathe. Drink: Natural flow of air and saliva empowers you to talk naturally, breathe normally and stay hydrated during the game or practice. 

Better Protection: Like the support systems on a suspension bridge, the perforations oscillate on impact and redirect the forces to scientifically engineered reinforced parts of the guard.